These 6 Brands Take Personalized Marketing to A New Level

Kayumboyev Dilmurod

Kayumboyev Dilmurod

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Personalized Marketing, as discussed in the previous article, is a strategy of tailoring the firm’s market offerings to the individual customer. In other words, The company focuses on personal interactions with each customer and offers personalized and customized products based on the collected data and customer desire for changing one or more specific elements of the product.

We discussed in the former article all benefits and issues of One-to-One Marketing(Personalized Marketing) for both the firm and the customer.

However, Today I will talk about examples of how some brands have been able to put successfully Personalized Marketing into practice and take it to a new level.

6 Personalized Marketing Examples 

1. Coca Cola “Share a Coke” campaign

Share Coke


When comes to talking about successful examples of Personalized Marketing campaigns, obviously “Share a Coke” will be first on the list. First launched in 2012 in Australia and later it was brought to more than 70 countries.

It was a marketing effort to reach out to millennials, in which the iconic brand name “Coca Cola” was replaced with popular names. Later, they also managed that customers can customize their own bottle labels at, which allows them to write whatever they want.

The campaign was successful and it increased sales by 7% and captured more than 18 million media impressions, along with an increase in 870%page traffic and Facebook followers by 7%.

2. Orangetheory Fitness Gets to the Heart of It

Orangetheory Fitness


Orangetheory Fitness found out how to increase attendance and motivate their members to keep at their goals from the start of the new year, they created personalized music videos that are from highlights of each member’s fitness achievements.

Moreover, the company created unique soundtracks that matched each member’s BPM in the search of providing a personalized experience. By providing a such unique experience, Orangetheory was able to make its customers excited and loyal to the brand

3. Cadbury 

Cadbury personalized campaign


Cadbury, one of the largest confectionery brands in the world, is popular with its creative and novel marketing campaigns. To increase their market value and make emotional and personal connections with their customers, they launched two One-to-one marketing campaigns using Idomoo Personalized video campaign.

In the first campaign, the target market was India and the goal was to promote the idea of Cadbury Glow chocolate as a gift.

Cadbury made users can automatically create a personalized video incorporating the images and names pulled from their Facebook profiles by using Idomoo’s personalized video.

So, first Users link the Cadbury Glow landing page to their Facebook profile and enter the phone number of the gift recipient. After that, gift recipients could view the video when they receive a gift box of Cadbury Glow, by entering their phone number.

The second campaign in which Australians were targeted was to increase the interest in the new Dairy Milk flavors.

The company created the “Flavor Matcher” app that allows users to be matched with one of 12 Cadbury flavors based on data such as their age, location, and interests. Then the participants received Personalized videos celebrating their Flavour Match. Users were encouraged to share the video using a hashtag.

Both of these campaigns were so successful. The result was that 90% of viewers watched their videos till the end, which means a high level of engagement with over 12% of viewers finished sharing their video with friends on social media. 

4. Amazon

amazon recommendation


Amazon, the largest e-commerce company, excels at collecting and using data to provide a more curated e-commerce experience for customers.

The company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to make incredible personalization advances.

In other words, they provide more personalized recommendations which are based on their customers’ purchase history – the goods they searched for, liked, and purchased. This recommendation algorithm makes browsing and purchasing processes much easier and generates more sales.

5. Toyota “ Mas Que Un Auto “ ( more than just a car)

toyota campaign


Over the past years, Toyota has done a great job of identifying its most popular consumer demographic and launching targeted ads and campaigns.

In 2014, Toyota launched one of the most successful campaigns called “ Mas Que Un Auto” (more than just a car) which was to celebrate their 10 straight years as the number one automotive brand among Hispanics that was a kind of reward for loyalty. “ Mas Que Un Auto “ campaign allowed Hispanic’s custom nameplates bearing the names of their vehicles through

About a week later, the badge with the said name was delivered to them at no cost. The personalization campaign was successful and had a profound effect on Hispanic car owners because the Hispanic community loves their cars as a part of their family. 

6. Starbucks

Starbucks successfully keeps customers engaged with its gamified mobile app. Integrating the brand’s rewards system with the ability to customize and order drinks via the app, it makes use of the information such as purchase history and location to get as personal as possible.

The introduction of the rewards system saw Starbucks’ revenue soaring to $2.56 billion, while the app generated around 6 million sales per month (around 22% of all U.S. sales).

In conclusion

Having enough data is vital for one-to-one marketing – but finding out what to look at and how to use it is just as important. That is what made a great difference for successful personalized campaigns.

And customers always appreciate it when they know that the company is paying attention and implementing personalization efforts for them. This appreciation comes in the look of their loyalty to the brand.

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